Some Drills

Length-4, Halfbreast-3: To complete the length, begin by alternate breathing. When bilateral breathing becomes hard, switch to right side.

Details of freestyle going out:
  1. From deep end, kick off from wall and dolphin kick.
  2. Pulsate from the chest with hand lead directing the body. Not so deep coz you'll slow down too much and need time to resurface.
  3. After resurfacing (at 5m?) stroke with the right arm and breath (count 3) and then:
    1. Count 1 - Stroke left, exhale
    2. Count 2 - Stroke right, exhale
    3. Count 3 - Stroke left AND breath
  4. Do bilateral breathing towards the end.
  5. Go to rightside breathing when bilateral becomes hard. Maintain speed !!!

Details of backstroke coming back:
  1. From shallow end, after touching the wall, walk back (active rest) until the middle half of the pool at the lamp post.
  2. Do breaststroke with long stramline until deep end.
  3. Long rest.

Milestone: Able to do the one-arm lead for back streamline. Able to do the head lead for back streamline. Able to continuous two-arm stroking - but limited. Just notice that legs were swaying side-to-side while kicking.

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