Use the Bow Wave, Luke

Len-5, Halfbrst-4:
Backstroke - Has little rotation. If head goes higher, the legs sink.
Free - Don't look out. Use the bow wave and look more TO THE SIDE rather than to the heaven. This should improve streamlining and correct the mistake of head rising in the video.
Starts - Need to undulate more with the dolphins. Use the chest, abs and hips more. Hand leads should dictate direction, up or down. I noticed that I lose air and then find it slow to rise to surface. Keep the legs close together.
Backstroke drill - Try 1-arm stroke. Rotate! Shrug/ pop the shoulder. Try the head lead frequently.
Sighting - From freestyle, try a breaststroke sighting.
Freestyle drill - Try 1-arm stroke to avoid pushing for air, just turning. Another on the 2-stroke is to stick the ear or cheek with the lead arm.

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