Flip Turn Attempt

Mostly drills: Did a few backstroke drills going to side, streamlined head leads. Showing left and right shoulder. Not much water gets in nose. Also attempted a flipturn. Not good at all. Need to simulate stroke after kicking from wall. Kick, stroke, pull down arms, tuck head and small dolphin kick. I have lower back/ hip soreness every night. This might come from the undulations from dolphin kicking off the wall? If so, do I need to stretch back more?

Backstroke drills next time:
  • Kick on side botom arm streamlined forward.
  • 6 and switch or 6 kicks then pull.
  • 6 and 3 or 6 kicks then 3 pulls.

Freestyle - Keep head streamlined in water. Do NOT tuck chin. Don't sway head.

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