Extra Joss!

Len-10: No swim yesterday coz of overcast skies and drizzle. But I did put in the regular 6 lengths last November 9. Milestone today at 10 lengths. I still swim a length with a 1 minute rest using the watch's countdown feature. Watch needs to be out of the water. Press "D" to start timer. After alarm, press "A" to reset back to 0. Felt really tired in the afternoon. Must be the consecutive 3 days of coming to work early. Had to take 1 Extra Joss. See the pic at left. I used to have this pic as my wallpaper. I thought it's soooo kewl! Just remember though to put the powser in the glass first AND THEN add water - not the other way around. The feeling of hard training is good. Push hard!

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