Length and Width

Laps-3: Back to 1 min per lap per length. Did some practice flip turns. Milestone is I'm already diving after facing the wall. Will need to tweak the turn so that flipping is not tilting to one side. I measured RnR pool length and width assuming 1 tile side = 1 foot.
82 tiles x 41 tiles is the area.
Length = 82 tiles = 82 ft = 27.3 yards = 25 mtrs.
Width = 41 tiles = 41 ft = 12.5 mtrs.

Some songs mentioned in the forum that may be good for swim tempo: Hooked on Classics, Overture, We Will Rock You, Don't Stop Me Now, Smoke on the Water, Daybreak, Don't You Want Me, It's a Small World, YMCA, Eye of the Tiger.

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