Second Video; Prevent Mold

Family swim at RnR with Gay. I just discovered that the entrance was no longer Php80 but Php100 per person! We just spent Php580 for the 7 of us and a Php200 cottage coz of my membership discount. Lots of people in the pool. Gay, Che and Irene were "excited" to learn treading. Che seemed to have learned it since she's done breaststroke already. I also gave them "survival" drills to do. That is, go to center with free, turn around using tread and go back with free. I thought it was lots of fun doing these drills. I'm amazed by the swimming specific muscles I've developed since my arms didn't tire at all. I did feel a sharp pain in my left elbow at the afternoon though. I was worried but soon the pain disapppeard after light swimming and massaging.

I had myself videoed for the second time. I think I'm faster but the freestyle stroke doesn't look much different. Observations:
  1. Need to keep lead arms straight and nearer surface
  2. Keep low head profile, keep check on bicep of lead arm
  3. Keep legs together especially at pushoff
  4. Focus on first quadrant and catchup
  5. Elbows need to be higher/ more vertical
An idea to prevent mold in the Chamois towel. Do not keep the tube in the dark (inside bag) too long. Store/ hang it by the window of the car in the sun where it's BRIGHT IN THE SUN !!!

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