Stretch Cords

6 laps and 1 play lap: Also did 2 sidestroke for 12.5m. May need to study left sidestroke. Tried doing the both arms symmetrically to see and get a feel of the left side motions. This will take time. Guess what? I saw an inflatable raft with paddles in the pool! And to think I've seen it all. Am still getting used to kicking out of the turn. Seems like I don't glide enough/ don't kick strong enough and I stroke immediately. Is this to breath quickly? Didn't put on Coppertone Sport after brunch. Don't forget next time!

There was a guy who was taller and heavier. He did the kind of freestyle I did where I would raise/ crane my head to high as in the video. In his case though he breathed to the right after 2 underwater right strokes. He only swam across the 12.5m width at the deep end.

Stretchcord Exercises with cords hung high or at eye level:
  1. Close to wall, target the lats by pulling toward opposite knee
  2. Farther, target shoulders by simulating catch.
  3. Close to wall, do the full stretch of external shoulder rotation
  4. Farther, do the half stretch of external shoulder rotation

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