Breath Every Other Cycle

Combo2: Odd numbered length-shallow to deep, Even numbered length-deep to shallow with just enough rest between lengths.


Side and Elem - glide looonger, be streamlined and stretch. How about kicking sets?
Discovered in a width free that I could now breath on every other cycle instead of every cycle! Maybe it's the better conditioning or it was 2nd wind. But I definitely practice this more. It felt faster and symmetrical. Breathing often will break streamline and slow me down. So, how do I now count breathing cycles? Here's how you do it after pushing off from wall:
  1. After the long streamline, stroke left
  2. Moving up to surface, stroke right and breath. That's count 1.
  3. Stroke left.
  4. Stroke right but remain underwater (don't breath). That's count 2.
  5. Stroke left.
  6. Stroke right and breath. That's count 3.
The trick is to count only odd-numbers (1,3,5,7) which coincide with your breathing. There is little to count in your head but you do count the cycles per length.

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