Getting Warmer

DEasy: Pool water today's getting warmer. I hope this keeps up with the sun shining all week. We have so much wood to dry thanx to Emma's chopped mango tree. I'll be busy exercising (sawing and chopping wood) for some weekends to come.

On open turns, I need to stop splashing too much. Avoid raising the head too high and then dropping. I sink too much and it's difficult to recover with the rushing water. It's also better to exhale a final burst of air to clear the nose just before the breath-in.

During today's swim, I've thought of a new speech topic entitled "My Kawasaki Girl" and I've composed the outline already. Yesterday's short impromptu speech for Table Topics in Toastmasters went very well. I got good feedback from April and Roxy. I'm looking forward to my Icebreaker Speech next week.

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