JLo 3 Resort at Pansol in Laguna

DEasy: Pool's still cold today inspite of the all-day sunny day yesterday. With today's workout, I've thought of some nice ideas to incorporate in my future Toastmasters' speeches.

Yesterday we attended a birthday party for Nadine and Nicole at JLo 3 resort at Pansol. We left the house at 8:30am and fetched Susan.

It was a nice break from having to wear my swimcaps. The water was nice and not too warm. The adult pool was smaller than that of the White-house.

I estimate it to be 8 meters long. There was also a kiddie pool. This pic was taken at the adult pool. As usual, Renz and Dada were the usual go-getters.

Karen joined in after lots of muni-muni at the room. Che followed much later. Che was a little tired/ sleepy from their overnight Science Camp at MunSci.

Overall, there were plenty of people at the pool. There were folks teaching their companions to swim - which is okay I guess, if those folks KNEW how to swim.

Folks who can't swim and try to teach swimming put their "students" lives seriously at risk. Water is unforgiving. It is not to be feared, but it should be respected.

Sandra and Karen learned how to do the Starfish float - arms and legs wide, facing up. The trick is to keep the lungs full of air MOST of the time and relax the body.

They alternately did flutter kicks. Way to go, girls!!! I was surprised that Sandra could also do a freestyle where she breaths front rather than on the side. Che did alternate breaststrokes and freestyle. Her dog paddle is still choppy though.

Lunch was very good! There was inihaw na liempo and tilapia, afritada, hamonado chicken, spaghetti, puto.

This pic was taken after lunch at the kiddie pool. The kids had a great time. We had to leave at 2:30 pm though coz Che had some visual aids to finish for a school project.

For more pictures, click here.

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