A Better Kick !

DEasy: I was very early today coz I drove Karen and Caitlin (Karen's classmate) to school. It's their class' turn to sponsor the mass. I proceeded to the pool thereafter. I honked several times at the pool's gate by 6:15am. Must've been a surprise for Dante who opened the gate half-awake. Milot was right, the smell of the piggery was pretty strong in the morning though it soon went away.

Today's session was one of my best workouts. Suddenly, without conscious effort, I revived my kicking in free. It was smooth, narrow and unobtrusive. It was distinctly 6-beat although there were pauses/ hesitations so it wasn't fully rhythmic. The legs do not come out of the water and the kick maintains a narrow profile. Maybe the improved conditioning just prompted the kick? Whatever, I was gasping more than normal at the end of the laps. It took me longer to finish the workout coz I had to rest longer.

I validated the efficiency of the open palm stroke with today's elem back. I swear I pushed much more water when the fingers were farther apart. The glide was stronger and went further.

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