3-week Shutout

Still no swim: It's almost 3 weeks now that I've been out of the pool - no thnx to this allergy and the "bed" weather. The sun's up today even with some dark clouds but I'm still groggy from the anti-allergy pills.

The scheduled Christmas swimming party on the 23rd won't push through. Maybe it's something to do with 2 departments joining. I don't know. And I'm not exactly sure why some people suddenly become averse to the idea of a swimming party. I hear talks of needing to go there in good shape, diet and workout. I hear worries of what to wear in the pool, yadda yadda yadda. Folks, it isn't a body-building contest or a beauty pageant. You're EXPECTED to show some flabs here and there. We aren't exactly an exercise-crazed nation anyway. But if you're intent on wearing a girdle underneath that goofy knee-length t-shirt and maong purontong pants to swim in the pool, then that's still fine with me.

Che, Karen and Sandra left the house today - all in bright red shirts! It looked like Valentine's Day or something. But no, all three of them are having their class Christmas parties today. It's the last day of school before Christmas break!I tried something today that's cool! I recorded the left hand part of the piece using the "strings" voice. I recorded it at a slow tempo 100 just to be sure. Then I played the track at 120 with the right hand now playing the "electric piano" voice. The result is 2 voices playing! Cool! Corz, amidst my delight, the kids would only say "yuck!"

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