New Camera for the New Year

With the way things are around here, I'm not too optimistic that I'll get my camera cradle anytime soon. Some folks at Compex are just too inept if not downright incompetent. I've ordered the charging cradle from them since late November and all I get now are runarounds, excuses and whatnot. Don't deal with them. They're simply masquerading as a service center for Casio and I don't know if Casio's even aware of their so very poor customer service. They couldn't fix my Casio Exilim S3 camera cradle and now, they couldn't (wouldn't?) even order a cradle for me. I've escalated this to a manager there, so we'll see what happens. The Exilim series' cradle is its waterloo. This accessory seems flimsily built and mine broke in just 3 years. At any rate, I'm not buying a Casio electronic item ever again.

To help me resume my blogging, I bought another digicam but this time it's a Sony. Sony's been touting and hyping so much its supposedly quality products. Hey, it demands so much quality from its suppliers like semiconductor companies that it better come up with good, nay, great products. Anyway, I got me a DSC-S40 model for Php14K from Abenson. It's a small, no-frills digital camera with video.
Basically I wanted a unit that'll use penlight batteries rather than proprietary lithium-whatever batteries. Penlights, like the double A's (AA) you can get from most stores. Proprietary batts, well, good luck if you break 'em and/or their proprietary chargers. I think it's also the smallest camera (so far) that'll take penlights and I'm now scouting for a nylon case with a belt loop like those for cellphones. Any ideas? The carrying case that came with my unit is rather bulky and has "Sony" embossed on it. It simply shouts "Hey, I'm an digital camera, come and get me!!!" to muggers. If I keep the bag under my shirt, it makes me look like a boy scout with a canteen bottle by my waist.

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