Couple of Tips

3W SEasy 75frees: No swim yesterday. I attended the school foundation day of Karen and Sandra. Today I dropped Irene at the barangay hall for clearance for the biz permit.

I chanced upon this exchange in a swimming forum:
Micheal Artindale wrote:
> I am not sure what you mean by reaching 6 inches. Please explain. Thanks.
Your hand enters and pulls, bends somewhat and keeps pulling, then you hold all the water you can with your whole arm and start pushing until your arm is almost straight
(here's where you go the six inches)
just snap your hand back the extra inches, then you remove your arm from the water and recover and enter your hand again.

Re: the 8 x 25 twice.
Remember you take eight breaths and go one length over and over. If 8 breaths aren't enough, you go anyhow. You're supposed to feel like it's not a long enough rest. That's how you get better. Minds and bodies don't know the same thing. Your mind will say "Not enough rest!" But your body will answer "Enough rest!" So let your body do what it can do even if your mind thinks differently.

The above attempts to explain a couple of ways to go faster and increase stamina.

  1. To go faster, push the water backwards farther by 6 inches.
  2. To increase stamina, limit the rest (to 8 breaths) every length. Mental tenacity is required here.

They both make sense though I don't understand where the 6 inches came from.

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