El Cheapo Camera Case

No swim today: And I'm glad I didn't go. I drove my aunt from Balintwak all the way to Pampanga and gosh, I was chatting with her basically the whole trip. I felt tired today and as the day wore on, I felt even more tired. My shoulders tell me they need a massage. I'm getting old.

One of my major considerations for buying the Sony new digital camera was size. It should be small enough to be contained in a cellphone pouch but big enough that it's able to use double A ("AA") rechargeable batteries. At first, I thought most digital cameras that used AA batteries were too "tall" to fit in a cellphone pouch. My digicam was not tall but was longer. When I got it though, I realized that it was also "thick" - almost twice as thick as your average cellphone.

Thus the search for the camera carrying case began. I wanted one that wasn't bulky and didn't need a strap around my neck. Most of the camera cases I've seen are nice, comfy, well padded and a little too big and a little expensive for my taste. They also spell "tourist" as one who wears 'em undeniably has a camera inside. Nah, I wanted a case that looked like a cellphone case and with a horizontal profile. That is, I could loop my belt into the case's belt strap and it'll be position horizontally.

Finally I found one such pouch that was snug enough to contain the digicam. Good thing about it is it's made of garterized elastic fabric. And since my Sony digicam is thick, it's snug. That's the pouch and the digicam. Since it's snug, I need two hands to put the camera in and get it out. That's one price to pay for selecting such a small case. I fold the wrist strap on top so it's all neat inside the cellphone case. The case only cost Php150. Cheap?

Here's the cellphone case with the digicam. Really neat, don't you think? If you're wondering how I got a pic of my digicam, well no, I don't have camera-cellphone. I was able to get a pic from my old Casio Exilim digicam when I got to charge its lithium-ion battery. I now have an external charger for the Casio lithium-ion batteries. Mega-thanx to an dear old friend, ex-classmate, ex-dormmate and kababayan Ronnie who got this charger for me. Thanx Ron!

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