Still Weak from LBM

SOWS: I also tried doing a couple of laps backstroke. I don't have much problem sinking. It's when water splashes all over my face that's becoming the problem now. I'll try again next time but with a new (clearer) pair of goggless. It's chilly today, drizzled in the morning even, but the water temp was so good. I guess it's also time to retire the sky blue trunks. The colors have faded in the most embarrasing places. I tried on one of the new swimming trunks that I bought on sale at Market Market a long time ago and stashed somewhere. Goodness! Either these trunks have been secretly shrinking without my knowledge or I gained some weight!

The weakness brought about by the LBM is slowly disappearing. I took Gatorade yesterday coz I felt like I lost electrolytes. You know, it's that feeling where your thighs and your calves just feel sore and weak after you've had loose bowel movement.

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