Street Badminton and Another Pictorial

3W T 75free: The water was cold today - and the pool staff said it didn't even rain in the weekend. Hmmm, I don't understand it. I confirmed the pool water was cold coz the shower water felt warmer by comparsion.

We played street badminton Sat and Sun right infront of the house. It felt good to be jumping and huffing again. I felt the strain on my right forearm and rear deltoid. Must be those "trying-hard" smashes I hit!

Due to the nice turnout of photos I did after the wedding, I setup another pictorial in another part of the garden. Sandra wore a tiara instead of the flower head dress. DH managed to borrow a tiara from a coworker. And we used other props like a flat candle and small toy that emitted lights. I knew those toys had some sort of usefulness! Renz became restless after only one shot! The guy needs to sleep and be fully rested before any pictorial. And me... well I became easily tired after setting up the lighting. The 2 hours of ironing the kids' uniforms prior to that did me in. Karen and Renz's taunting Sandra didn't help either. Sandra was more distracted and agitated this time and I didn't get the natural, candid and relaxed poses I got from the first pictorial. In spite of it all, Sandra was still patient in the duration of the pictorial which lasted an hour (7-8pm). Anyway, click here to see the rest of the pics.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Blackdove!

This is Red Diamond. I saw the pictures and they were magnificent. Very good work. I guess your camera is really wonderful too.

Wedding with fairies - kinda rare, right? The small boy looks like an imp. The small girl as a fairy looks sad in her shots. Fairies should be happy, right?

Anyway, nice shots, again!

Blackdove said...

Thanx Red Diamond! Your comment made my day! My camera is a Sony DSC-S40. Nothing fancy. It's in the low end of the Sony line of digicams. Yup, fairies should be happy. I guess my fairy wasn't much in a good mood. Thanx again!

arGlene said...

I love the candle's effect! :D It turned out that Sandra's a true fairy.

Iba talaga pag Sony equipment mo. =)

Blackdove said...

Thanx Arglene.

"It turned out that Sandra's a true fairy."
Oh, Sandra would love to hear what you said!

"Iba talaga pag Sony equipment mo. =)"
Well, there's a saying: It's the photographer that takes the picture, not the camera. :-)
But seriously, the balance of lighting just need to be right. I just got lucky with a few shots. See, in an hour, I took around 50 shots and got only 15 really good ones. I guess that's what's nice about digital photography - you can throw away (delete) the bad shots at no cost.