Weekend RnR

Due to insistent nudging from Renz and Da to go swimming, we relented. Sandra and Karen didn't have school the following day due to their teachers' exra-curricular activty. Che and Renz won't have school as well (as we later found out coz of the Marines' disarray). Also, I'd hope that this activity would also sort of take our minds off Irene's loss of her bag in the previous day at Jollibee Shell.

There's Renz and Sandra - the insistent ones. Sandra's trying out her new swimsuit from Speedo which we got 70% off ! The swimsuit's got a nice cut. Che has a new suit from Speedo too. Renz has a new pair of trunks too - a generic brand.

Renz and Sandra brought a table game called Uno Stacko. That's Karen holding Renz. Che wasn't up for pictorials (as usual). I don't believe they really know how to play this game coz I mostly see and hear arguments rather than actual playing from them. Their game didn't last though coz the wind kept knocking down the bricks.

Here's some action at the pool with Karen and Che ganging up on Tita Gay who appears to be drowning. Sandra's taunting Renz as usual with the kickboard. Renz is wearing DH's swimcap. Anyway, later that day we went to Makati to return the drawing books. We saw soldiers manning the Nichols tollgate on the way there and back.

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