Speech Topics and Awards

8 Laps Freestyle Stroke Analysis:
For a couple of sessions now, I've set aside my swim cap because of the warmer weather. I'll take this opportunity to clean off the grime and dirt that has stuck to it. Any ideas for cleaning the outside of a swimcap?

Last week, I was struggling to find a suitable topic for my next speech project "Your Body Speaks". Well, just the other day, I discovered that topics, especially the ones from personal experiences, can be thought of just be looking at old photographs in photo albums! Yup, something memorable must have accompanied those times when the picture was taken. Just think and concentrate. Chances are, you will recall some experience worthy of sharing with an audience.

Sandra won the Beginners A level in her piano recital last Sunday. Go Dada! Yesterday, I didn't swim coz we attended Sandra's awarding as Model Pupil for Grade 3! She's been wishing for this award a long time, so congrats Dada! Renz graduated yesterday with the following awards: Best in Reading, Best in Recitation, Outstanding Pupil (top 5).

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