Touch the Cheek to the Shoulder Cue

6 Laps of Freestyle Stroke Analysis.
Since yesterday, I've been doing a really nice cue to assist me in remembering not to raise my head up too much when breathing. This time, I'm touching my cheek to the shoulder/bicep of whichever arm is leading. This way, my head is almost flat with the water.

Today I put a complaint on the member's log at the front desk regarding the cleanliness in the men's shower. I learned from Arni that their boss looks into this log. Great. It's about time somebody does something about it.

I gave my 4th Toastmasters speech yesterday. Even with a small audience - just 7! I must say I enjoyed delivering it. This time, I didn't go over the time limit. Whew! When I saw the red card, I knew immediately which statements I could skip and wrap the speech up. I wish I could this consistently next time.

Here's the feedback from the evaluators for my speech:

Dan as Individual Evaluator
  • Captured the audience (as in the past) with a question.
  • Content is information-rich just like the recent speech ala National Geographic.
  • A natural in delivering speeches.
  • Painted vivid pictures for us.
  • There was a repetition of phrases that was effective for emphasis, just like Luther King's "I have a dream".
  • The energy was there.
  • Could've given the actual price of the stove to satisfy the curiousity of the interested especially on the investment, roi, etc.
  • Maybe add an appeal to a bigger scope to reinforce the importance of the cost savings vis-a-vis the oil crisis.
  • Eye contact. From an audience point of view, there seems to be limited eye contact coz of the eyeglasses. (That's it, I'm taking off my eyeglasses when I deliver speeches especially when I try my best to maintain eye contact!)

Doc Noy as General Evaluator
    Use of triad was effective - "tupig, patupat and bagoong" (I didn't realize I used a triad!)
  • Eliminate jargon like spiraling, obnoxious (I didn't think they were jargon at all!)
  • Take the reference from past speech projects.

In addition, I was a volunteer speaker for the table topic "Never Punish the Learner."

Doc Noy as General Evaluator
  • Assertiveness and sense of volunteerism is commendable.
  • Get into the details of the story. No need to repeat the topic, waste of 10 seconds.
  • Eye contact not adequate.
  • Although mastered PREP format (position, reason, example, position, try the SMG format also. (story, message and gain).
My own comments:
I could've have walked more as I gestured.
I forget to modulate the voice sometimes.
In the table topic, maybe I should've paused much longer before starting to talk to REALLY compose my thoughts first.

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