Eye to Shoulder Cue

5 laps today. Mang Ruben timed the kids today at 19 secs for 25 meters. Still too many kids today. I did the 'shoulder at the corner of the eye' cue and for my first couple of laps I actually felt faster. I think I was much more horizontal with it. I sometimes forget to push back the water all the way to the hips though. Corz the more I get tired, the more the technique deteriorates.

So, again, remember the following cues so as not to raise head when breathing:
  1. Left cheek to bicep/shoulder of left (leading) arm.
  2. See the right arm/shoulder at the corner of the eye when breathing.
  3. Don't forget to push back water to the hips.
  4. Keep elbows up in recovery.
Took Renz over at Metro to watch Sandra.

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