Kick-Ass Kids

Today I did 5 50m laps of freestyle. The pool was was crowded and I didn't have much time. This batch's students at the pool are something else - compared to the first batch, that is. These kids lap the pool at 50m a set. And I'd say they're around 8 to 12 years of age. Then at 8am there's the usual free lessons. Now I have limited space in the pool. But that's still okay coz I pretty much have a whole lane for myself. A cue to do tomorrow: 'see' the shoulder from the corner of the eye when breathing. Try breathing strictly to the side at the bow wave so as not to take in water (if facing forwards).

Yesterday there was a little boy who was crying his eyeballs out. Apparently, the dad didn't want the boy chickening out of the free lessons. He wouldn't let the boy get out - and the boy was at the DEEP end! The boy has had it and was yelling and crying, begging to be lifted out. The mom approached them and TOOK PICTURES of the crying kid! Gee, it's a life-or-death situation for the boy and the mom just found it all amusing. Finally, the dad lifted the boy out. The boy kicked and punch his dad still angry and then just sat on the deck. No amount of taunting or nudging made him stand or walk back into the pool. He feared for his life and has had it. I don't think he's coming back for more lessons.

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