Magic at Enchanted Kingdom

Last May 1 was the company's Summer Family Funday at Enchanted Kingdom. Except for Che, Karen and Tita Gay, nobody among us has ever been to this amusement park despite the fact that we pass by this place many times. The 3 second-time visitors had very limited time during their first time which was on a school field trip. So all of us were very excited to finally spend the whole day at the rides!

We got there before 8am and here's a shot of some of the characters there. These characters virtually welcomed everybody coming in. Behind the gang is the Kingdom's mascot - the Wizard.

Boulderville - Renz would spend so much of his time here coz of the kiddie rides. Unlike everybody else, Renz didn't get the ride-all-you-can wrist tag which in hindsight may not have been a great idea. But anyway, he did enjoy himself here and in the arcade!

DH and Renz enjoying the slides at Boulderville.

A shot at the huge Anito face (sorry, don't know what the name is - but it looks like an Inca statue of some sort)

Our first ride - the Space Shuttle - the MOST FEARED ride at Enchanted Kingdom. Yup, that's me with both arms waving. DH is right beside me, nervously praying I guess. Everybody else chickened out. This ride is very steep, very high and VERY FAST!

Our second ride - the Swan Lake. That's Karen and Che waving. Don't let those pretty swans fool you though. Pedalling these beasts around the lake is tough, especially under the summer sun!

Here's a shot of the kids at the Flying Fiesta.

Little Renz and DH at the brightly colored Grand Carousel - with band music on the background of course.

Here's DH still soaking and dripping wet after that Rio Grande Rapids ride with me.

Little Renz with that sweet "Closeup" smile at Bumbling Boulders - another free kiddie ride.

After the Jungle Log Jam Ride, here's Dada pinching her nose after it hit a wooden railing. Poor Dada. Karen seems amused while Che's shirt got wet.

The sun is setting and it's time to say bye-bye to Enchanted Kingdom. It's 6pm and we're all just too tired.

A last bite just before heading on home.

I took tons of pics and videos and these are just a few.

Feel free to look at some nice pics featuring the rides of Enchanted Kingdom here.

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