No Shower and a Cool Video

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Still sore at the front of my hips. Probly the desk job. The swim kept it away for a while.

I don't understand these hired helps at the pool. They somehow want to shower all at the same time. They even want to do their laundry there. There aren't many stalls at the shower and they just keep out other patrons at the meantime. I didn't have time for wait for these jerks so I proceeded to change at the waterpump room. So, no showers today.

The coach's wards didn't seem to be keen on practicing today. They started later than I did. After I got out of the pool, others got out as well complaining how tired they were. I was tired too, corz I wasn't in it for the competition. Anyway , just to blow your fatigue away, here's a really cool video. Kudos if you can do what the funny dog does. Enjoy!

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