Why Swim?

50, 50, 75, 75, 100 free, 25 back.
This was an interesting workout today. I think I'll do it for the next few days.

After the swim, I went over to LaCo to get Karen's report card. We left it there last Saturday to have it signed by the principal and directresss. Karen's new school, MunSci, requires it. I saw Sandra's picture in the Smart LCCians bulletin board for Model Pupils! Just the other night Sandra asked me "Papa, paano niyo po nakahiligan ang swimming?" and I thought to myself what a simple yet profound question coming from a 9-year old. It took a while to complete my answer. My answer went back to the time when I was in grade school and my dad tried to teach me to swim and I found out how good and graceful he was at swimming to the time when I sprained my back in 2004.

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