More Wood to Chop & Happy Fathers Day

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It's Monday and as expected, I was able to fish out a coin - a peso coin. Maybe I should have a running total up there on my banner of just how much the Blackdove's Treasure Chest is now worth. Today's a holiday for Laguna coz of Rizal's birthday hence Sandra has no classes.

A couple of weeks ago, we cut some of the big branches of the mango tree coz some were dangling by the electric and cable wires. Some other branches just had grown too high. I spent some time yesterday bucking and splitting the logs. "Bucking" is the term used for cutting of branches not longitudinally (with grain), but across grain. I read it in stoves book by Sunset. I learned so much in just that one short chapter in the book. I learned that small logs are easier to split when they are still fresh. Small logs are easy to saw too. They're soft and since the diameter is small, they don't 'catch' and 'stick' the blade too much. Big logs are easier to saw when dried - and have become wood.

No the pic isn't a wannabe WWF wrestler with a goofy, crazy mask. It's Road Runner Renzo with an uninflated mask. He was just doing this silly jumping and dancing on the bed.

Here's Renz taunting ate Dada to finish her vegetables. Sandra's getting notorious for not wanting to eat vegetables AT ALL. All of them, including Renz are fond of veggies. Since I kidded that she may not grow as big as her sisters, Renz may outgrow her too and that Renz's head is bigger than Sandra. Renz proceeds to compare their heads "side-by-side".

Renz proceeds to wrestle with Sandra in this action shot. Yesterday was Father's day and I got a nice little present from my kids. Their names and ages were written on the sides. Thanx Che, Karen, Sandra and Renz !

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Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Father's day!!

Blackdove said...

Hi Tere! Thanx! Long time no read and welcome to my blog. Do drop by often, k?