Name That Tree!

No Swim
Am feeling a little better now - thanx to water therapy which I've been doing for the last 2 days.

Since I've no swim update, I might as well post a couple of pics from my exercise last weekend. I started bucking a portion of the big bundle of branches we got from clearing the front and back yard. We cleared the front due to the unwieldy branches touching some wire cables. The branches felled are mixed. There's SANTOL, LAGUNDI, MANGO and ATIS. Now here's a short quiz. Can you identify the 3 cut branches below from the 4 mentioned names?

I learned that santol is really native to Cambodia and Laos. It is known as satawn in Thailand; tong in Laos; sau chua in North Vietnam; sentool in Indonesia and klampu in Brunei. In Guam, it is santor or wild mangosteen. Split open, the smell of the inside of the santol branch is quite nice. Atis is also called sweetsop or custard or sugar apple. Were it not for the seeds, I really like this fruit.

Here's a pic of the new pile of bucked and split wood for drying.

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