Final Costume

50 x 3 free
Despite Typhoon Luis' looming, I proceeded to the pool. The sky was dark but the water still felt fine. The downer was the bits of styrofoam in the water. Apparently some shmuck from the weekend's swim felt it dandy to crush a styrofoam cup and scatter the debris in the water. I wasn't personally too worried. It's just that these bits may cause havoc in the pool's filtration and gum up the pumps or whatever.

TMC Update
Here's the final costume I wore at last Saturday's contest. It's a vest with sequins and I wore it over a yellow T-shirt with folded-up sleeves. DH said I looked more like Bruce Springsteen rather than Phil Collins in this getup.

I learned from Doc Noy that Roel's song "Manila" was the one that was disqualified 'coz it wasn't strictly "60's or 70's Rock 'n Roll". Too bad. I thought he put some creativity in that song - with the travelling bag, pull out shirt and some choreo. Doc said he liked my choreo and that my gaps in singing weren't too obvious as I had too much dancing going on. He did comment that I still looked a little stiff. Gosh, I need to practice more. It feels completely different now that I perform solo on stage as compared to when I was with "The Blenders" group. Solo singing means it's entirely up to you to dish out the lyrics and choreography. If you make a mistake, it's ALL you.

50 x 5 free
Well most of the styro bits were gone. I really didn't plan on going swimming today but the day was just too nice. It was sunny and bright. With the "ber" months now around, the morning air has a slight cold whiff to it. It won't be too long that the pool water acquires this temp too.

TMC Update:
Tomorrow's Doc Noy's Farewell TMC Meeting with us and I'll be a prepared speech evaluator for one of the nurses, Agnes.

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