Karen's Creatures of the Night

Still no power!

Last Friday (10/01), I noticed that the kids were becoming restless. For the past couple of days, there's been nothing - no power, no water, really nothing to do. While waiting for dinner, Karen was doodling some shadow figures with her hands. By the light of a candle, she let her broad imagination take over. And she did all these lying down! The shadows were cast on the wall behind me but a different angle. Because her silhouetted hand contrasted sharply with the candlelight, I took these pics - not of the shadows but her silhouettes. Since they were shot at a different angle from her point of view, the shots looked imperfect compared to what she was seeing on the wall - like the funky looking crocodile.

The funny thing is that she was simply busy doing and experimenting. There was no stopping at just one figure and no making sounds. I remember as a kid when all I did was the "dog" and made the howling sounds.

You can't even see Karen's face coz of the darkness. She is lying on the sofa on the left side. The shadows cast by the plant at the corner provided an even better backdrop to the silhouette. I thought that Karen's rendition of the Llama or Donkey and the Gorilla were pretty cool.

Finding that Karen had so much fun with the shadows, Sandra and Renz joined in. Sandra is standing on the right side doing a flying bird and Renz is on the left, trying to attempt a who-knows-what.

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