Tiring Weekend

With Milenyo gone, so many branches and trees were fallen. DH and I had the fine opportunity of hauling some of the debris all around. Some of these branches have been cut to haulable size already and even bundled up just for the picking! How convenient! But for us to conveniently dry, store and use them as wood fuel, they had to be further cut and split. Here's the bunch that I worked on last Saturday using my handy saw.

Yesterday, Sunday, Jorge Gaviola from Toyota was at the house to clean the Toyota Revo's dual aircon. I was surprised at the amount of work required to dismantle everything just to clean the aircon's evaporator at the front and at the back. They started working at around 8:30am and finished at almost 1:00pm, breaks included. I couldn't believe the number of screws that were taken out and put back in. While they were working, I cleaned some of the rubber lining on the doors and windows and took some pics. Here's how the dashboard part looked like fully dismantled with the steering wheel resting on the driver's seat:

Here's the back part of the airconditioning... dismantled:

Here are the parts laid out in the garage:

Luckily there were no rains that day to disrupt the work. It also helped that water and power has been restored so Jorge was able to clean the dirty evaporators using just the hose. Today, I'm having a fever from this body pain from last Saturday's activity.

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