The Old Road, Still No Evaluation

I passed thru my old route and avoided the CPM road that's under renovation. It seems a bit faster. It wasn't so sunny today so I wore a cap. I could immediately tell since I didn't have the sun in my eyes.

There was a slight breeze today. I managed to do some decent backstroke today. Again I need lots of conditioning for backstroke for this to become part of my ready arsenal. And that, I mean I can call on it anytime. I sense a pattern here. I'd rather do strokes where my face is mostly out of the water now - HUfree, Treading, Elemback, Sidestrokes. I'm very much at ease with these strokes and now, I'd like to add backstroke albeit a slow one. Even with a couple of hard backstrokes, my right knee didn't act up at all.

Still no evaluation from last week's speech. Wow, this is so disappointing. D did apologoze via email giving the excuse that he wanted to do justice(?) to the speech and promised to give today. But still, nada. Hmmm, I'm just fed up already why have some more expectations, huh? I mean when will I get it, on the 4th meeting? D, you'd automatically get disqualified in an evaluation contest if you tell the judges that your evaluation of the test speaker will be submitted a week (now almost 2 weeks) later!

Funny I even had a short talk last week where my joining the contest was the topic. D hates contests. No wonder he wasn't keen when I told the audience that they could join contests, if they want to. Upon seeing the speech medals, he said something along the lines of: "You have (done something)/become I'd rather not (do)/become." Yeah, right. Now I know what your real stand is on contests.

NOW, I'm REALLY thinking of joining the ACT club. It's a little clearer now. I think the old club isn't really gonna make it far. Without any reinforcement from the senior TMs, what is there to look forward to? The 3 of us cannot possibly be there ALL the time, EVERY time. See all my Toastmasters Speeches online here!

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