Good Backstroke, Heavy Pool Weight!

I think I did 4 really good backstroke short lengths today. I've been attempting backstroke for a long time now but then my poor conditioning was getting in the way! Well, today I'm building this conditioning coz I'm not stopping to rest. No sir. By that I mean after a length I active rest using eggbeater kicks, never putting the feet on the floor.

I also did a couple of HUfree squares today - 1 clockwise (CW) and the other, counter clockwise (CCW). Here's how it's done for a CW square:
  1. HUfree for 12.5m
  2. At the end of the 12.5 turn counterclockwise (while treading).
  3. Swim again HUfree for 12.5 and turn ccw at the end.
  4. Continue doing this until a square is formed.
Do the reverse for a CCW square.

Today I also used the weight I built for treading exercises to strenghten the legs. Oh wow, it's heavy in the water! I could only manage half a short length with it and that's about 6m. After the very short workout I felt the burn in my quads. For a moment there I was thinking that I was carrying 2 5kg and not 2 5lb plates. Yah, it's silly and I was working out the math in my head like, this can't be JUST 10 lbs! I quickly raised the bag with the pool weight and rested it on the pool deck. I let out the water coz a lot has gone in. Then reality sunked in. Yup, it's ONLY 10 lbs and yes, it's THAT heavy. Ah well, it'll certainly take a LOT of practice. But heck, if others can do it, then so can I!

I need to rethink the old diet. I'm become so accustomed to the morning half-rice routine but I'm now considering stopping it. Maybe it's the better conditioning, but I'm not as tired and hungry as I was before. So, yesterday and today, I tried fruits instead. I had turnips (singkamas) yesterday and ripe mangoes today. It's tough yesterday coz I had a big rice serving for the morning lunch. But today, I managed with a half.

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