Pingpong Table in Use

It's been sometime since that 8 waves trip. The strain in my left foot is easing up a bit now. My hunch is it came from the vigorous backstroke kickcing I did over at the wavepool's deepend. Late in the afternoon, I thought I'd have cramps coz it the left foot's instep would hurt if I pointed it out.

I think I'm still having a hangover from that long vacation which ended Monday - Araw ng Kagitingan (Fall of Bataan). Last Good Friday, I finally painted the centerline on the table tennis (pingpong) table. I'm not too pleased with the paint job coz even when I used masking tape to cut both sides of the painting, the white paint still seeped through the tape. The result isn't trimmed/clean enough but at least the centerline is straight. Here's the finished table with Sandra and Che playing.

I must say that the kids (me included!) have gotten a little better in the game. There are lesser stray balls being picked up now. We're far from being good at it. Those are el cheapo no-name gear (net, rackets) we're using, but at least we're having fun. When up to it, the kids would set the table, play and then leave it so by the time I get home, I could still play before backing the car in the garage.

Recently I bought another cheap racket or paddle below just to have a feel for different rackets.

It's a little heavier though and strangely, the rubber on one side is green rather than red!

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