Election Day

We spent the night at Pampanga and left in the morning after breakfast. It was already past 8am. The drive was easy and quick. There was little volume in the NLEX and we even managed 2 stopovers for water and bathroom break. We reached Munti at 10am and proceeded to St. Peregrine Church. There were long lines at the voting precint at the covered court and so we decided to defer voting until before lunch. Voting was quick as there wasn't a line in my precinct at 398A. I even saw Artem and had a long chat with him. I guess people do meet and get to talk with some long-time-no-see friends during election day. Among the senatoriables I only voted for 3: Pichay, Roco and Joker Arroyo.

In the afternoon, we had spaghetti afterwhich the kids went up the roof. That's DH at the back picking mango fruits from the tree.

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