My Appreciation for the Fly

I know this post is contrary to what I've been saying all along regarding my giving up on the fly in this entry. Why the change in attitude? Hey, I'm learning new stuff and yes, I'm damned excited with the Butterfly stroke. Or maybe it's the new goggles I'm using? Maybe I'm starting to see the Fly in a different light with these goggles?

Actually, these "orange jelly" goggles belong to Karen now. But what the heck, I might as well use them. I'm so tired of using old scratched and blurry goggles that it's a relief to be using clear goggles. Maybe they're a good luck charm with my fly attempts coz I started using them when I started this fly thing.

I was at the pool really early today. I took Dada to school coz they're sponsoring the mass and so I was at the pool a little past six. I looked forward for a long practice time and boy, did I learn a lot today!

Take it Slow
I put to heart today what I learned in the article in the preceding post. I focused on the keyhole pattern and did it slow. It's surprising that body undulation comes naturally even as I flystroked in such a relaxed manner. Not only that, I was moving too - not very fast, but at least moving and getting the groove of it.

Prepare for the Breath
In the past few days, I was screwing my form and streamline when attempting to breath. I thought the breath to inhale was rushed and I felt always suddenly jerking my head upwards, causing slight neck pain. So today instead of tucking my head down all the time, I gradually raised it when it was time to breath. This gave me a good view of the water surface and the cue to prepare me to breath as I broke the surface. Here's where I fully appreciated the clear new "orange jelly" goggles.

Over the last 3 or 4 width laps, I imprinted the above learnings to the stroke so I'll always remember the feeling of how it is to have good technique. I'm happy today.

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