LBM Friday

Last Sunday we went to Pampanga and for the first time, in all my driving experience of almost 10 years, we went for a drive-thru in a fast-food (McDo). Can you believe that? We just never found the need all this time!

Renz was quite excited as they gave all their "orders" on a slip of paper to DH.

I didn't need to say a thing as DH talked to the live person at the counter who took the orders.

In Pampanga, we mostly chatted and Renz here enjoys molding clay with ate Dada. That's a new table they have there at the azotea.

I was worried that we won't be going that day coz I've had the case of the runs all through Friday and even had a fever. For medz, I took Diatabs (Loperamide) and Dicycloverine (Hydrocholoride and grape-flavored Gatorade.

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