Lifestyle Change and Traffic Stress

Gulped 2 loads of water. One in breaststroke and another in butterfly. Did 3 sets of 50y Free, Back, Fly and Breast. I seem to have lost my blue coppertone sport. Did find 3 pcs of soap though.

On diet: I'm keeping with the veggie diet. I've not cut any break so far. I think I don't even need to coz I'm coming to work earlier now. It's because I no longer go swimming in the morning, but still leave the house at 6:30am. So I'm at the office now at 7:00am.

Now, it's good, no traffic to contend with. Diet now is mostly veggies but since I've not cut any breaks, I still tend to get 2 veggie dishes - sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening. I think the best arrangement would still to keep the 2 breaks, but keep them shorter, and more importantly, stick to 1 veggie dish. That may prove difficult though (the veggie dish part) because our cafeteria has limited creativity when it comes to cooking veggie dishes.

Am so delighted with the recent lab results. It was a great sense of relief and knowing it's not something like stones, appendicitis. or a needed operation. I'm still feeling some mild discomfort on ths same right spot though. But I still have around 7 more sachets of Psyllium to take. Hopefully, I'll be feeling much better after that. Actually, I'm contemplating on taking fiber on a regular basis too. Company doc (JP) said it helps take out excess carbohydrates and fats out of the system, or whatever that means. He also said buying it in powdered form (not in sachets) will be much cheaper.

After watching the Body Invaders series of Discovery Health on osteoarthritis, gout, weight control and many more, I'm now rethinking my lifestyle. That means diet, need for walking, maybe weight-lifting. I took on a lifestyle change many years ago (1995) to treat hypertension. Now, I'm for another lifestyle change. That means put in the minutes, put in the hours - for walking and swimming. Damned the work. It won't take care of me and my health. That is up to ME. I'm no longer taking some illness, or any discomfort , lightly. I feel something wrong, I'm doing everything to get it right. I'm at the age where I'll just have to take full advantage of our health benefits especially that is afforded by our HMO card (Medicard). Heck the company's paying for it! On food, I'm taking more caution with food, smelling it first, tasting it first. Unlike before when I thought I had a strong stomach that could take in anything. Now I'm taking Yakult too!

I mentioned to the company doc the issue of going away from my heart medication, Pritor, worried of long-term effects especially to the kidney. He said it even helps the kidney (really?), but that maybe I ought to see the cardiologist which he says comes once a month. Better check that out!

Stress: Ah, who needs it. Instead of passing through SLEX as I usually did, I drove to the national road to avoid the supposed traffic jam on SLEX. I heard it took Steve 2 hours to negotiate the traffic from the office to Alabang. And the drive through the national road? It took me an hour. Totally exasperating, as I kept mutterering to myself, "stupid tricycle and jeepney drivers!" Ugh. Next time I'll be bringing this stress thingie:

I bought this a long time ago from a Chinese shop at SM Southmall where they sell massagers and oils and pills and what have you. It has this embossed name "Safe Living" on one side and "SLM" on the other. It's like a spiked stress ball. But the nice thing about it is it gives (bendable) as it is crushed by the hand. It's like a sponge ball but it's made of rubberized plastic so it exerts pressure when squeezed. I took out the chain on one end (it's a keychain as shown) so that I can roll it around in my hand without being bothered by the chain. Maybe I could buy another one so I could massage both hands at the same time. But then, how will I hold the steering wheel?

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