A Mall at Our Doorstep

SM's here! Yes, finally SM Supercenter opened last Friday, Nov.16. Going home after the 2nd therapy session at Casa Medica the traffic was terrible starting at the Shell gas station.

It took me 30 minutes from Susana to our place where before it only took me 5 mins. As I passed by SM at as snail's pace, I kept wondering what prompted these hordes of people to come and block traffic.

Did they come for balloons? :D Later, I learned there were some the celebrities there, some buy-1-get-1 promos and freebies (no, not balloons).

I assumed it would still be the same the following day, Saturday, and so we just watered the plants at the apartment. Now we have to do the watering early so we don't get caught with the mall's opening at 10am.

Since Karen was out for practice, we heard mass the following day, Sunday. After mass we just walked (yes, WALKED) towards SM.

It was cloudy so the kids didn't mind. Our subdivision is in between the church and the new mall, so we can just walk from our house. Nice, huh?

Inside, there were the usual: National Book Store, Booksale, Ace Hardware, Goldilocks, Odyssey, Games & Gadgets, McDo, Jollibee, Tokyo Tokyo, Chowking, and many more.

Of course, there was the food court and 4 cinemas. I took lots of pictures but then, what's the point of posting them here, right? You've seen one SM mall, you've seen 'em all!

Except for Booksale and Games and Gadgets (where I was looking for a replacement housing), we didn't linger around though. Renz was hungry but there was nowhere to go.

All the food shops were packed! With all the excitement to eat inside the mall, we finally settled to buy takeout food (lechon paksiw) by the roadside.

Yummy Lechon Paksiw at the lechonan! And so that was our first visit to the mall by our doorstep. Everything (except for work and school) seems to be walking distance from us now: church, drugstores, bakeries, police station (hopefully, we won't need anything from there)and the mall!

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