It'll be the Shuttle Service Bus from now on

With the car out for major MAJOR repairs, I took the service bus today. I'm so very lucky that the bus is just right here waiting in my subdivision.

If I don't see it when I get there, it just means it has departed and then I turn back to walk and get the car (assuming it's working of course).

Riding the Service Bus

I don't wait for the bus anymore. It "waits" for me up to 7:40am. So there's no time lost waiting and worrying whether or not the bus has come and gone. None of that dreaded chasing for the bus either. I hope it will always be this simple.

Riding the bus made me a little nauseated, at least initially. I suppose it's been some time since I rode in a bus and all that sudden braking and stop-and-go did it.

It was a welcome break though to be NOT driving. With my hands free, I could do some drafting of blog entries. Cool, eh? Now I no longer lose my thoughts for blog entries because I was driving and was unable to put them on paper.

Reading the Paper in the Bus

I recall when I was taking the shuttle service bus before (pre-family car), I was ALWAYS reading. The bus number was B-3 (Binan).

I'd buy newspapers to read in the bus. I read Manila Standard and occasionally, Philippine Star and Daily Inquirer. And I would be totally oblivious to the world while I was reading. Now, I'm writing.

And I'm taking this opportunity to do more walking too. I guess the secret to making walking pleasurable is the shoes and bag.

I've been using cracs/crocs so that handles the shoe part and I'm using an old hardly used backpack for my bag. Funny, after having been used to walking as a regular exercise, the walk around the neighborhood to go to the shuttle service bus and back is nothing to me already.

I leave the house at 7:30am to get to the bus at 7:40. So at a fast clip, I could make it in 5 to 7 minutes which is minor compared to the 15 minutes that I'm used to 2 or 3 times a day!

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