Grilling Fish

I think I'm getting into this grilling thing. Today I put tilapia (stuffed with onions and wrapped in foil) and hotdogs on the grill.

Even with a strong fire, the tilapias don't get burned much coz of the foil. They tasted really good. And its really fun grilling stuff under the mango tree with the cool breeze chatting away with DH.

I even learned that you don't even need charcoals to grill. What I do is after cooking the rice, the left over burning wood can have the same effect as burning charcoal. You want burning embers, but you don't want robust flames on your grill. So here's a list of things you can do to douse the strong flames.

1. With a single forceful whiff of the fan, you might be able to put out the flame.
2. Turn over the burning wood. By turning over, some of the flames die out.
3. Sprinkle some water on the flames. A sprayer would really do the trick.
4. Take out the burning wood until its flame smothers. Then return it to the grill.

I'm now thinking of nice marinades and sauces for fish like tilapia and hito. Hmmm.

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Anonymous said...

Good idea!