Visit to the Dentist and The Speaker's Handbook

Today being a holiday, EDSA Revolution Day (or something), DH scheduled the 4 for the dental cleaning at Dentista Inc. at Alabang Town Center using their HMO cards.

Che, Karen and Sandra were all cool with the cleaning coz it wasn't their first time although the ATC branch was a first. While waiting (only the 3 were accommodated), Renz was simply joking around and dancing at his ates. He had a grand time making fun of the older sisters.

THEN it was his turn. I think he got all tensed up and nervous coz he began crying and felt throwing up all the time. After his ordeal, DH teased him with her words: "Sinasayawan mo pa sina ate kanina, nung ikaw na, nagkanda-sukasuka ka naman." :)

For lunch, we only had siomai and siopao. I also got a new book: The Speaker's Handbook by Jo Sprague and Douglas Stuart.

It thought it was a steal as it was down 50% off! Well okay, it WAS a steal for a toastmaster, that is. I got it for Php317.50. Although the pages weren't thick and white, the book is loaded with content.

Later, I found out that a companion CD came with it. The CD contains videos of the sample speeches referenced by the book.

I had to go to Festival National Book Store coz the Alabang Town Center branch didn't have it. Fortunately, I had the foresight of calling ATC branch first to verify.

The apologetic lady referred me to Festival Mall branch the following day coz they didn't have stocks. At least I didn't have to waste time returning to ATC on the same day to claim a CD that wasn't stocked.

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