Back from Jakarta

DH and I just came from Jakarta yesterday and I conveniently forgot to update my blog due to all the work waiting for me. :) I have so many pics that have not been sorted but in the meantime, here are a few of what I have from the 5 days we were there:

This is the pool of the house where we stayed. I wanted to swim everyday, but fatigue allowed me to swim only twice. Here's the group that went there. That's me, DH, Recie, SMina, SBern and Pugs.

This is one of the attractions at Taman Mini which showcases all the regions of Indonesia. If you're familiar with the Nayong Pilipino, then this is their version but maybe 20x bigger.

This is the tea plantation at Puncak mountain (pronounced as "poon-chak"). It's quite cool in this place and there's tea everywhere even on the mountain's slopes.

This is Taman Bunga. It's a HUGE botanical garden. The plants and flowers here are amazing. Why do we make the "peace" sign with our fingers?

It's the "in" thing with our kids when their pics are taken. :) It also refers to our 20 years together. Yup it'll be our 20th Wedding Anniversary this December.

This picture was taken at Monas (MOnument NASional) which is right at the heart of Jakarta.

That's Teng, in the red. She and hubby Marlou played hosts in our stay at Jakarta. Thanx guys! Needless to say, all the yummy food (including Teng's cooking) in Jakarta made me gain 4 pounds!

Finally, a picture of the room where DH and I stayed at Teng's house.

I've more pics to other places we visited, but I'll just have to post them in a later entry.

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