Strengthen the Rotator Cuff Using Stretch Cords (Part 2)

This is another shoulder that my physical therapist recommended.

Reverse Torch Exercise

For the Reverse Torch exercise, anchor the end of the stretch cords at an overhead level.

  • Here's the start position of the exercise. Note the level position of the anchor.

  • Pull the stretch cord without bending the elbow too much up to the end position (as shown below) while maintaining tension on the shoulder all throughout. Pause at the end position for 10 seconds.

  • For the negative movement (return) of the exercise, pause at first return position (shown below) for 3 seconds.

  • Pause at second return position (shown below) for 3 seconds and finally return the stretch cord at the start position.

The trick to all these stretch cord exercises is that the shoulder tension shouldn't disappear at the end position. And here's how you do it.

Position your body so that you are facing the cord anchor AT AN ANGLE. This ensures that there's tension all throughout the movement.

Your body shouldn't be positioned perpendicular to the direction of the anchor and neither should your body be facing away from the anchor. Doing it this way will make the pulling load rest on the shoulder socket thus diminishing tension.

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