Strengthening the Rotator Cuff using Light Dumbbells (Part 2)

Another dumbbell exercise I do that strengthens the Rotator cuff is the 45 Degree Raise. This weights exercise is more common than the first since I found it on the 'net. It is simple to do and effective for me.

45 Degree Raise

This is an exercise that I saw on the 'net and is effective for me.
  1. The starting position is with the dumbbells by the sides.

  2. Slowly twist the wrist as you raise the dumbbells upwards. The twisting mimics the pouring of a beer can.

    Roughly, the position of the arms is such that from above, looking down below, your arms assume a 10 o'clock (left arm) and 2 o'clock (right arm) positions. This is with your head is facing the 12 o'clock position.

  3. Continue raising both arms upwards, still in the 45 degree positions.

  4. Stop when the arms reach shoulder or slightly above shoulder level. Pause and count 10 seconds before bringing them down slowly.

The second set of shoulder exercises involves stretch cords and will discuss this in a later entry.

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