Demolition of the Old House

The old house now looks like a disaster zone. It's like a super cyclone suddenly descended upon it. The roof and the ceiling are gone, the marble tiles have been plucked out.

Some of them were piled together with the heavy wood beams (for reselling). The roof was leaking in many places and the ceiling deteriorated because of it.

The Old House Demolition Job

On the left part of the picture used to be the kitchen, and behind it, the bathroom. The one on the right used to be a bedroom which we called the blue room. The room itself wasn't actually colored blue.

It's the door and closets that were painted blue. The other 2 bedrooms were likewise named as the green room and the pink room.

The original core house only had the blue room and the 2 extra bedrooms (as well at the concrete water tank) were built right before my eldest, Che, was born.

Shown below is the porch of the old house. Believe it or not, it is here where I did my home gym workouts, including squats and deadlifts. My homemade exercise equipment were stored in a tiny area of the porch.

Inside, towards the right is the living room. The window at the porch is where we traditionally hung our Christmas Parol (lantern) during the Christmas holidays. Behind the window adjacent to the porch is the dining room.

That metal pipe on the foreground is the bar were tied steel wires for our clotheslines. The pile of wood is what used to be parts of the ceiling.

Much of the ceiling at the porch and inside the house was sagging already, if not totally gone. The porch ceiling, particularly, became a haven for birds wanting to build nests.


The Rented House

Shown below is the part of our rented house which shows the "open" kitchen. The rented house is at the back of our old house. This is how it was before we transfered. DH would use an umbrella to cook here when it’s raining.

Fortunately, Mang Doods, the foreman for our house reconstruction, helped build this nice improvised roofing for the outdoor cooking area.

I put on lights just using cord extensions and simple light fixtures. Much of the lumber and construction materials used here came from our old house.

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