Egg Hunting 2009

This year is the first time that the kids' egg hunting was held in the new house. We didn't have an Easter egg hunt last year because DH and I spent much of the Holy Week in Jakarta.

Since we were out the whole day yesterday for the Visita Iglesia, we were unable to get quail eggs (itlog ng pugo) which we traditionally used for egg hunting. So DH just suggested ordinary white chicken eggs for the hunt.

But the kids countered to have the eggs painted (para maiba naman). And so they took out their water colors and other coloring implements and started painting.

This time though, we had the egg hunt in the afternoon. After the Easter mass in the afternoon, we had pisbols (fishballs) and gulaman for snacks and headed home.

As usual, in the tradition of the "Survivor" series, DH met with the two teams and discussed the ground rules in the reward challenge (ala Jeff Probst). The egg hunt was confined to our back yard shown below.

After so many pompyangs for grouping, the two teams were formed. That's Team Jalapao on the left and Team Timbira on the right. Both of them are flashing the victory sign already.

The brightly colored eggs were just a dozen and so easy to spot.

And in a few minutes, the game was over. Timbira won 7 eggs to 5. As for the prize, DH announced Team Timbira won for themselves a couple of Instant Cup Noodles :)

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