Good Free Swim at the Garden Resort

We were expecting two of our kids, Sandra and Renz to have free swimming today because 2 free tickets were issued to us upon their registration for swim lessons. DH and I brought our swim suits to accompany them in the pool thinking the two of us will have to pay to get in.

But we were pleasantly surprised when the pool guy said DH and I could use the 2 free tickets since he saw the kids already enrolled and they (kids) could go swimming the whole day. Duh, okay!

We've always called the pool guy "Matrix" coz of the shades he wore. We weren't sure if he misunderstood the resort's policy so we had to confirm if he'll be there the whole day since he calls the shots on who gets in. And yup, we got in free.

At least for me, I was able to practice bilateral breathing. I wanted to do JUST bilateral breathing with this fresh start. My last swim was December of 2008 at Mountainview Resort in Los Banos with the old department. So, it was just freestyle and a little of backstroke. But I'm happy for two things:
  1. There was no pain (at least for today, let's see tomorrow!). My old and new shoulder rehab exercises are finally paying off. The shoulders have become stronger and no longer experience pain in some arm movements (toweling off, wearing shirts).
  2. Continuous bilateral breathing. Breathing to the right side for me is already a given, so CONTINUOUS bilateral breathing is a must to learn the skill. And there were a few left side breathing today that I thought I was in the zone. I just have to remember to replicate my right side breathing technique to the left: Make the left stroke slower, start left breath immediately, look a little to the back, continue the right arm extension and not leaning on the right arm.

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