Too Young to Swim

It has been drizzling in the mornings of the past few days and today was no exception. The photo below was taken last week and yes, it was drizzling then too. But the two boys in the picture below are still in the same pool spot and not really "progressing" swim-wise.

I'm not sure of the intent to enroll kids these young (3 or 4 yrs?), but if the purpose is to have them learn how to swim, then I don't think it'll happen. I think they're just too young to listen and take instructions from a swim coach.

Actually, they're just too afraid to get wet. The umbrella at the edge was placed there just so the two boys won't get wet from the rain! WTH? And the parents seem frustrated that they paid Php2,500 so their kids will stay on the pool steps.

If the purpose is just for water awareness and getting a little comfortable in the water, then the kids are better off tagging along in a family outing of some sort and then getting comfortable there. I think it's a big waste of time and money to get a swim coach so the coach can just play around with small kids. I've seen it before. The swim coach would carry the small kid and move him/her on the water surface just like a rubber duckie. I mean, wouldn't the mom, dad or yaya be able to do that themselves and enjoy and bond with the kid in the process?

I've had all my kids enrolled in swimming and I'd say they're not the greatest but they swim decently. I've been asked before what's best for a small child to learn swimming or when to enroll the child. And I always say this, be involved! For small children up to 6 years, simply take them to family outings. Give them opportunities to feel the water. Make water experiences less traumatic so that they will WANT to learn water safety and skills later on. It'll be easier that way when it's time to enroll them at age 7 or older.

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