School Suspension due to Feria

For two days, Karen, Sandra and Renz have been cooped up inside the house due to Typhoon Feria. The first day (Wednesday) announcement by PAGASA was a surprise. Storm signal #2 was declared late in the previous night and Karen caught it on TV. So DH knew about the suspension of classes already and didn't wake up Sandra and Karen the following morning. There was no need to wake up Che coz it was her day off from college.

When Renz woke up, he was a little curious why all sisters where still asleep when he would normally wake up alone on a weekday. When the sisters were up a little later, they played a joke on Renz saying he better get ready for school. Of corz, he wasn't just buying that as yet and kept asking why everyone was around. Since nobody would tell, he approached me and asked what day it was, probably thinking it was a weekend with everyone around. He's much too young to be sure what day it was. Besides he might have felt disoriented having just awakened. I told him about the suspension and that's how he finally knew.

Later in the evening, I reminded them to stay tuned to the evening news coz the following day might be another suspension. Just the thought that classes MAY be suspended the following day, Thursday, buoyed up Renz' spirits again and kept him in an upbeat mood the WHOLE day. He would sing, dance and play, hopeful for some good news in the evening news. And good news, albeit late, he got!

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