Our Breakfast Nook

In a recent entry, there was a pic showing a part of the kitchen and I remembered some pics I took 3 months ago where the kids and DH having breakfast at our breakfast nook. The concept of this breakfast nook came from our architect.

DH and I visited his house and we found a small table by the kitchen wall. That's what he and wife use for meals now that their kids are all grown. That, according to him is the "breakfast nook". What a fancy name for something practical which DH and I would probably be using one day.

What we had made though we called a "kitchen island" or kitchen table. The kitchen had a blank floor space in the middle. We asked the architect to reserve for us a piece of the granite slab used for the kitchen counter.

Little did we know, he already had that in mind and put the excess slab on top of two wooden "boxes" that formed two legs. The kitchen table now turned out to become OUR breakfast nook.

The nice thing about it being the breakfast nook is the waterproof, durable granite surface. Our dining table is made of wood and so with a granite surface it's easier to take care of spills (even super hot ones) from coffee, tea, milk, juice and other liquids.

Here's another shot from the other side. That bookcase came from our old house and just had it repainted. It now doubles as a divider between the living room and the kitchen.

We not only use this granite kitchen table for breakfast. If there are just 3 of us or less, we also use this table. It is so much more convenient to pull out the light monobloc plastic stools for chairs.

The dining table is now just reserved for lunch and dinner and that's only when most of us are present.

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